I orchestrate my life around my children. They are just that important to me. My children teach me that "WANT" is what keep us alive. EVERYBODY wants SOMETHING. We begin to reason & trade with our kids earlier than what we realize. I spend my life negotiating. What they WANT vs what I WANT to mutually benefit us all. I have to give them a reason to get what I want & they have to give me a reason to get what they want. That got me thinking...Everything ALWAYS comes down to Business. The commodity we trade with is the only difference.

I have spend allot of time in toy shops with my kids. It's the most exciting place in the world, until they realize a few things. In a Toy Catalog you read about 8 very simple areas of development of a child. The Toy store is giving you a reason to Need what they Have & what they have is a beautiful recipe to teach kids to do good business. 70% of stuff in a toy store is junk. There is a thoughtful 30% that actually develop something. Even our kids know that. Sit next to them on the floor and watch how quickly they get bored with a stupid idea. The good ideas keep them hooked for 30 min or more. Kids instinctively investigate the functional value of things. They always ask...Daddy...what does this thing do...?

Because of all the gratifying hours they had in a toy store, my kids barely spend 20min in there now. They've learned to ignore the junk & maximize their time on what matters. Sooner or Later every parent want their kids to separate good ideas from bad ones & to acquire a Sense of Value for what they have. We want them to understand the fragile/temporary nature of Stuff & that their needs are their own responsibility. Everyone else is busy with a WANT of their own & a WAY to get it.

So what are We ABOUT?
We are a family that do Business together, where Learning is Fun & Learning is My responsibility. We start a new business every winter. Some ideas work...some don't. But we learn how to sustain ourselves in different ways for 2 Reasons:
1. To command our own time for maximum time with our kids
2. To give them a business of their own at an appropriate age


Doing business with our kids help them to understand how to define their needs & wants... & what THEY need to do to get it. Trading in our everyday life show our kids what OTHER people Need/Want & how to sell it to them. Kids discover how ordinary people like THEM keep making awesome New things for world to WANT again. These are all things that our children can understand. The Indian Culture is a beautiful example of doing Business together.

Every business you see on this site listed under the Enterprises tab, we run as a family with every ones input & effort. Some things require more of one person in the family at certain times than another, but as we all grow, learn & improve our skills together, every one pull their weight. Kids are super intelligent & completely intuitive with their surroundings. They are incapable of over engineering a problem like we do, so their solutions are simple & brilliant plus they can figure out your new phone faster than you!
Its time to teach them Business.


Welcome to smart-ass Business kids!