How does this work...?

Most design houses charge an hourly fee for their work. At some point you have to become happy with your designs very quickly as it gets more expensive the longer they work on it.

My design work is arranged in 3 packages with a Fixed fee. Regardless of how long it takes to complete. There are no HOUR fees here. The fixed fee supports a package.

In order to help you create your Media Image...I need a few informative elements which help create the look & feel of your designs:

What public appeal you wish to create?

Who your target audience will be?

How interactive your media must be?

How frequent your media must be updated or changed all together?

What formats the artwork need to be compliant with for printing or publishing?

So how do we get started?

After you have read all the information on this page carefully & wrote down the key elements I need to know about your business...we meet for a coffee & discuss what you need.

No one can think without coffee...

Package 1 - R1500



Flyer - This creates a context for your logo & sums up the Nature of your business

Letterheads - for all digital correspondence

Package 2 - R1500


BIG Designs of different dimensions for all kinds of Banners & outside advertisement

Package 3 - R2500


Website built from scratch with a 1 year update support from the date of completion