I teach music with the same principle as teaching my kids to speak. I'm a dad of 4 monkeys...We did not send our kids to school with their diaper & bottle to learn how to read & write first before they could speak. They could speak for a good 7 years before they learned how to read & write. I designed a teaching system 18 years ago that is fun & easy to read in order to start playing right away. It's a simple system of shapes & colors that tell the limbs what to do at what time. Off course it is important to read & write Music...just as important to read & write a language. But learning clever things about music notes & their values to start with, just won't help me gain the dexterity & independence to play the instrument. So here is the process...We work with only 20 rhythmic ideas to take you through a systematic process of independence (where all your limbs do separate things).


The 1st step is to commit these 20 patterns to memory so you can play something without reading it. You immediately start playing that to music to start understanding its applicational value & start to develop your sense of time. After playing these 20 ideas in about 10 different ways, I slowly introduce music theory for the first time while keeping the emphasis on your ability to play. At this point learning how to read & write music is received positively as your initial curiosity to "just start playing" is somewhat satisfied. And so the process continues as I will explain further in the videos after you have registered.


The program is friendly toward all ages...(starting from age 7)...Because music is repetitive by nature, it is important that the student understands the concept of repetition. In my experience of 18 years of teaching this rarely happens before the age of 7. So therefore the starting age for this program is 7 to 107...(if your legs still work)! The Nature & Dynamic of the lessons are WITHOUT pressure & compulsory exams or work pieces that need to be assessed because the world doesn't care if you can play or not & neither do I. Only you should if you cant play...sit on your bum & practice. My system is easy & fun. You work at your pace & practice schedule, so you have all the potential to be good at this so that others want to listen to you.


To get started is simple.

  1. You sign up with a few simple details.
  2. You choose the package you want.
  3. You make your payment.
  4. You download your content.
  5. You practice.

Learning is the coolest thing on earth & I believe it has to be FUN. The Register button is on your left...but before you do...check out the free lesson page for your First lesson to see if you like me...remember choosing a teacher is like choosing a have to like the person before you will let them help in case you don't like me regardless of where you get your help from with this instrument...remember to smile...laugh at yourself, drop your sticks & be happy to be alive to play this cool thing. Drums are awesome, so let the neighbors feel it!!


Ps...The video wall is free for every one. Here i answer random popular questions about the details around your drumming that will come up as you progress. So if you have a the the video 1000 times till you get it & share your understanding with others without being a smart-ass. Remember, there will always be something you don't know & something you cant play.