Lessons for Adults


Do you want to:

Learn 2 Swim from scratch

Learn 2 Swim more efficient

Learn 2 Swim further than you thought possible


Swimming is healthy & fun when you learn how! No impact on the joints...just muscle & coordination.


The buoyancy that Water provides creates an even playing field for every

body type, shape, size & age.

The only advantage you will have is your ability to swim & your strength.


No one is born with the ability to swim or ride a bicycle or write with a pen...

We all have to learn these skills & every one has to start somewhere...


If you feel a bit embarrassed about the way you swim or your figure...

We also help people 1 on 1 in a private environment or in a small group of friends with whom you feel comfortable.


Out of all the activities I choose to do & love...there are still very few exercises that work so many muscles at the same time in a single stroke, as water does!