We only use small business Printers & Embroiders. The Quality of what we can deliver is more important to us than how much of it we can give you at a single time.

In using small printers or embroiders I am able to sit down with them & discuss the best way to get your designs done. Here we learn what is possible & what your options are. Some people have lavish ideas...but are not practical or possible to accomplish through this medium.


So how do we get started?

I will need the following things in order to discuss the success of your ideas with the printer or embroider:

  1. All the Branding Artwork you wish to use in Digital format on a flash drive
  2. Layout & sizes of your designs

After you have read all the information here & have all the digital media ready...we meet some where you can think & discuss what you need.


So just like a good crafted Brew or a carefully aged wine, we help you create that desired First & Lasting Impression.